Queen Retreat - 26-28. Juni 2020

Modtag dit drømmeliv

I believe that your energy is the most sacred you have. Now is the time for the feminin to rise. We need women and the feminin energy to balance the energy on the earth. And you are the source for that.

For generations women has been used to being second. Never allowing themselves true abundance because men & kids became before them. This is about to change.

Many women are not used to give the best to themselves. For true abundance to enter our lives we need to change this pattern. The abundance way of living is important to invite in for a more balanced, loving & caring life. For ourselves, our loved ones & the earth.


Allowing yourself to fully be the queen of your life. Choosing what is important for you & opening to the energies for it to come into your life.

This will be our room for beautiful teachings, healing & sharings

Inviting in abundance

In the Swedish forest at this magic place we will be sitting in ceremonies, wisdom sharings & teachings about abundance & how we allow it into our lives. We will open up to deep abundance portals while enjoying ceremoniel cacao, beautiful music, movement & meditations.

Taking some time away from our normal life will allow true healing to happen. In the proces of openning your energy field to more abundance in
your life, old patterns & emotions will come up.
In a safe & loving space you will be able to heal & let go of blockages that no longer serves you.


Words from your spaceholder

This retreat is a gateway to invite more abundance into your life. When choosing to own the energies you wish to see unfold you become the queen of your life and abundance will how up in the areas you wish to focus on.

As a Nordic Shamanic Vølva, I believe everything is energy.​ During this retreat I will open sacred portals of abundance so it can enter into your life.

As a healer & spaceholder I will hold a safe space for the healing that needs to happen for you to allow it in.

Already when you deside to commit to this retreat the energies of abundance will arrive to you.

You can learn more about me here.




During our three days together we enjoy three vegetarian meals pr. day (write to me if you have any allergies or special diet so we can prepare it for you).


There will be organic snacks, tea & other surprices. You will receive a queen gift bag upen arrival with crystals, oils & other abundance tools. ​We will be staying in small cottages near our shared teaching room. You can stay in a private room (only 6 rooms) or share a room with another queen.​


In the afternoon & evening there will be time to enjoy the nature around, take a dip in the lake or enjoy the heat in our private sauna.


Language: Danish or English. Depending on the language preference of the participants. I will make sure everyone understands.

When: Friday 26. till Sunday 28th of June 2020. Arrival between 15-17.00. Departure at 16.00 on Sunday.

Where: Skoven Kalder Retreat place in Ryd, Blekinge, Sweden. It takes 2,5 hours to drive there from Copenhagen & 3 hours with the train. I will make sure everyone has someone drive with or we pick you up at the train station.

A sacred retreat for only 10 women

For healers & heart-driven women who want to invite in abundance. Women who know they have something important to share with the world & are ready to live in an abundant & loving way. Letting in the support that are needed for you to fully shine in this world.


You deserve only the best. We need more women who dare to step into abundance & thereby being fully supporting into manifesting the life of their dreams. For you & everyone around you. Living an abundant life is the way you can fully share your wisdom & love in an balanced & caring way.

I will love to welcome you exactly as you are. You are perfect & this retreat will support you in opening up to the abundance you deserve.


You will receive more loving information, an abundance queen meditation only for this group & recommended packing list after your sign up.


I will love to support you on this abundance journey.


Contact me at mail@astaa.dk if you have any questions.


Your investment is 5500 kr + 500 kr if you want a private room

Early Queen price is 4500 kr

Save 1000 kr when you book before 1st of june

You pay a deposit of 2000 kr now & the rest 1st of June.