Recipe: My favorite cup of ceremoniel cacao

One of my favorit ways to start my day is by enjoying a cup of organic ceremoniel cacao. I helps me connect with my intuition & heart. Setting an intention for the day & starting from a calm & resolved place.


30 g ceremoniel cacao

200 ml rice milk

1 tsk of coconut sugar

1/2 cinnamon

1/2 cardamom

1/2 maca powder

How to make it

Start by cutting the cacao into smaller pieces. Warm cacao & rice milk in a pot. Add coconut sugar & spices. Warm it up (without bolling it) to keep all the healthy minerals & antioxidants from the cacao. At last you use a hand blender to mix it. Pour it into your favorit & enjoy.

Ritual/Setting an intention

Smell the cacao & connect with it. Feel the heat from the cup on your hands & bring the cup to your heart. Feeling into the cacao & setting an intention. What do you wish to bring into your life now? Enjoy every sip of the cacao & start your day in a joyful, magical & peaceful way ❤️

You can read more about ceremoniel cacao on my site.


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