Are you being the QUEEN of your life?

When showing up for ourselves we start to become the QUEENS of our lives.

You might think, what do you mean with the word QUEEN. I will tell you.

Being a QUEEN is showing up for who you are. Do you like luxury? Do you like having time for the things you love to do? Do you like having amazing sex? Do you like using make up? Do you like to being in nature?


Being a QUEEN means being who you really are. Getting to know your own needs & wishes for this life.

We can so easily get caught up the daily life. Forgetting what is important & what we truly would like to experience is this life.

Now is the time to focus on you.

Beauty can also be part of being a QUEEN. No matter what beauty means to you. Most women like to use a nice hair shampoo or treat themselves with a face treatment. Or maybe a nice massage is more your thing. Buying those things you like. Treating your self with luxury food, products and so on.

Being a QUEEN means doing what you wish to do. Believing your are worthy of a life of abundance, love & care. And this can be a proces. It is totally okay.

Sometimes we need to go through some healing before we feel worthy, loved & really believe in ourselves.

Maybe you are thinking... but I do not have the money to do all I want... Or I do not have the time....

When we are at that place, I think it is all about setting intentions. Getting truly clear on WHAT YOU WANT.


A tool for manifesting what you want is to daily write down a list of things you would like to experience or have. The list might change or there will be somethings that you write everyday. Again and again. By doing this you show yourself WHAT YOU WANT. You set yourself to focus on WHAT YOU WANT and you allow yourself to feel it.

How would it feel if you already had it? Keep believing it is possible for you to manifest it. Even if it is not right now. Start thinking how could I get there or how much money do I need for this to manifest? Start thinking of it as being a part of reality already. Somewhere you can actually get to. The proces might not be as long as you first think....

Keep doing this, day after day, and follow those small instructions you get. You will get them. Or you might experience small hints in your daily life showing you what to do. Pay attention and take action when you feel inspired to.


For me BEING A QUEEN is al about being responsible. Being responsible for what you wish, setting the intention, being in the energy and taking action when you feel inspired to.

For many of us it is something we have to learn. So be gentle with yourself. I can take some time to learn and fully OWN your needs and longings. It is okay. That is why we have each other. To know that we are loved and cared for in the process.


© 2020 by Astaa Munkholm -

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